About Our Firm

Duffy & Company is a firm of business advisors, accountants and auditors situated in Galway. We are a leading provider of accounting and advisory services in the west of Ireland. We are regulated by the Institute of Incorporated Public Accountantss in Ireland and have Registered Auditor status.

Our firm was founded in the 1973 with the intention of building on the Duffy familys’ long-time experience in the market place, going back to Brian C. Duffy CA who started his accountancy career in 1935.

We believe in a client-focused service offering and so Duffy & Company provides a comprehensive range of services from Audit & Assurance, Taxation services, Advisory Services, Company Secretarial Services and other professional services.

The firm has developed a team with a distinct set of skills enabling Duffy & Company to deliver a timely service, on client premises where appropriate. Technology is playing an increasing part in our lives; the way that business is being done is changing as never before. In light of this, Duffy & Company is constantly exploring new ways in which to improve or add to the services that we can offer. Our staff and partners appreciate the value of effective communication and meeting client needs effectively and quickly. Duffy & Company are dedicated to their clients, taking pride in their ability to deliver a consistent service, building productive, long-term relationships with clients. We are aware of the challenges facing our clients and we are determined to continually provide our clients with quality advice, and value, across all our service lines.

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We are currently delivering a professional service to many businesses, so if you need our advice then contact us today. For full contact details please ‘Contact us‘.