Audit & Assurance

Duffy & Company Audit Services

Duffy & Company’s Audit and Assurance team aims to provide our audit clients with “added value” when completing the statutory audit process, by identifying risk areas and recommending solutions to our clients. Our audit can be tailored to meet not only your statutory obligations but also any industry specific obligations. Our core audit service is to provide clients with objective advice on the reliability and fair representation of information in the financial statements.

We are regulated by the Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants in Ireland and hold Registered Auditor status.

Duffy & Company undertakes audits in the following sectors;

  • Companies established for business purposes across a range of sectors
  • Charitable bodies
  • Co-operatives in the farming sector
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee such as sports bodies, property management companies, Crèche Facilities
  • Credit Unions

Duffy & Company also can assist you to apply for grant funding. Over the years we have assisted clients with grant funding from both Irish Government departments and the European Union. Grant applications can be deadline orientated and organisations need to ensure that their application addresses all the required criteria and, if successful, they can provide all the necessary financial information to the funding body for the grant. We assist our clients ensuring the financial information they provide for the grant application contains the required level of detail for that application.